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We would like to thank the following photographers for permission to use their excellent images to enhance this website:

  • Philip Alford – ‘aBridged’ (Catchment Management Plan)
  • Clearwater (News and events)
  • Leigh Cousins – ‘Durham Wharf, River Brent, Brentford’ (Home)
  • Leigh Cousins – ‘Hanwell flight of locks 93’ (Home)
  • Daniel Coyle – ‘Sunset at Brent Reservoir’ (Home)
  • Glenn Gregory – ‘Serene Beauty’ (Footers)
  • Clive Hicks – ‘River Brent in Frost’ (Home)
  • Ellie Jarvis – ‘Autumn Walk, Grand Union Canal, Osterly Lock’ (Home)
  • Phil Jarvis – ‘Bejewelled Spider Web in the Sun’ (Home)
  • John Kane – ‘After its clean-up: The River Brent at’ (About us)
  • Rosemary Nash – ‘Fishing fun’ (Home)
  • Amanda Oduka – ‘A beautiful distraction’ (Get involved)

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